Playbox Daily Routine

Morning SessionActivityAfternoon Session
08.00 to 08.30hrsTeam arrives, set up session, talk about play plans and order of session.[LF]Parent help children to choose and exchange their home reading books.12.00 hrs
08.30 or 09.00 hrsWelcome and register at door.[LF] Self-registration.[LF] Children free play outside with their chosen activities.12.30 hrs
10.00 hrsSmall group circle time activities:[LF]1. Blast Group (listening and attention development).[LF]2. Focus Group (understanding development).[LF]3. Book Start or Letters and Sounds (speaking and understanding development).[LF]4. R time (Personal Social and Emotional development).13.30 hrs
11.30 hrsTidy up time15.00 hrs
11.45 hrsStory, songs, poems, rhymes, precious moments.15.15hrs
11.55 hrsChildren get ready for lunch.15.20hrs
11.55 hrsGive out children’s book bags, children’s work, information for parents.15.25hrs
12.00 hrsBook bags given out to children going home.15.30hrs

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