Grant Funding and Fee Payments

It is our intention to make Playbox accessible to children and families from all sections of the Plymouth community. We aim to ensure that all sections of our community have access to information on Government funding and until such times we aim to keep our fees realistic and affordable.

Each child’s attendance at the group is conditional upon continual payment of any necessary fees or completion of early years Grant forms with proof of your child’s age, Birth Certificate, Passport or similar, you will also be asked to supply your national insurance number, so that we can check to see if your child is eligible for pupil premium funding, (all children are entitled to government grant funding from the term following their third birthday). To claim the funding for your child, you must sign a declaration stating the number of hours for which you are claiming. You can use the funding at more than one child care provider but you must not exceed 15 or 30 hours.
If you choose to use all this subsidy at another pre-school/nursery unit and wish for your child to continue to attend for additional sessions at Playbox then the payment required for each of these extra sessions will be more than the current value of the grant funding.

Fees on September 2021, are £5.00 an hour (these are subject to a yearly review and possible change). Invoices will be sent to you at the beginning of each of the three terms, fees are payable three times each full term and at least one month in advance. All fees should be paid promptly at the beginning of each month, or half term, preferably by internet banking, payable to Playbox Pre-school, using your child’s name as reference. Details are written on the fees invoice. Payments for additional sessions, or anything else should be placed in an envelope, your child’s name and what the payment is for should be written on the front. Your receipt will be forwarded to you as soon as the money has been processed.

 * If fees are not up to date you will be issued with a reminder stating the amount and when monies are due.
 * Payments should be made on time otherwise a verbal overdue notice will be issued.
 * If payments have not been received within one week of this notice then a final notice will be sent with a levy of £30 for late payment.
 * If payment still hasn’t been received within the week of this final notice your child’s place will be withdrawn until payment for the full fees plus the £30 late charge has been received.

If you envisage any problems paying your session fees please speak to Sheila or Julie before this becomes an issue, as we may be in a position to help.
For help with paying for your childcare, please look at Childcare Choices The website is very user friendly and self-explanatory, enter your information and the site does the calculations for you.

In the event of any occasional absence (sickness or school visits) holidays and the like notification is necessary please, though the normal fee will still apply. Should absence continue please keep in contact with a Playbox supervisor. A child absent without notification, could have the early years-service asking questions, or, they could have their place filled by another child on the waiting list. You are asked to notify us four weeks in advance, or pay four weeks fees, if your child is likely to be leaving Playbox.

Ad-hoc sessions can be booked where there is excess capacity, this differs each day. The sessions will be filled on a first come first served basis, providing the correct staff, children ratios can be maintained every day. The ad-hoc sessions will be charged at the usual hourly rate, this is to be paid in full, on the day.

For more information on funding entitlements please visit:

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